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IGG Backers, I'm truly sorry for the delays with shipping. Logistics has been turned on its head, and I am by no means an expert in this field. Each time I thought something would be easy, it turned out not to be.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. All packages have now successfully boarded a ship and will sail for sunny San Fransisco. Estimated travel time is 25 days. When the boat arrives in SF, it will be unloaded within 72 hours and hopefully, within 3 or 4 days you will all receive your products.

It's not, much, but I would like to compensate backers with coupon code for MODPPE.com - if you use this combined with the 20% Indiegogo discount code, it gives a nice discount.

Discount codes: IGG7.5 = 7.50€ off anything / IGG20% = 20% off everything

When you receive the masks, I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you for your patience,

Please stay safe,